B&H Castelec

A Medium Coated Electrode For Cast Irons.


Type Stainless Steel Electrodes
Size (mm) 2.50, 3.15, 4.00 & 5.00
Application Fabrication & Maintenance


Brand Name Codification
B&H Castelec AWS/SFA 5.15 : E Ni-Fe-CI



A Medium Coated Electrode For Cast Irons.


B&H Castelec is a medium coated electrode, depositing ferronickel alloy weldmetal, ideal for welding of several types of cast irons and components for producing strong crack free weld joints. The weldmetal is soft, ductile and easily machinable. It is not necessary to preheat even large complicated castings. Because of easy and intimate fusion with all grade of cast iron, the electrode is best suited for welding and repairing of all cast iron compounds.


Repair of Broken castings, building up of worn surfaces, correcting machining errors on castings and joining cast iron to steel. Welding of modular graphite iron, malleable iron subject to heavy wear.

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