B&H Hardelec-Mn

A Medium Heavy Coated, Rutile Type Hardfacing Electrode (600 BHN).


Type Hardfacing Electrodes
Size (mm) 2.50, 3.15, 4.00 & 5.00
Application Fabrication & Maintenance


Brand Name Typical Welding
B&H Hardelec-Mn An electrode depositing Work hardenable weldmetal typically having 12%Mn. (As welded- 200 BHN; Work hardened-500BHN)


An electrode depositing Work hardenable weldmetal typically having 12%Mn. (As welded- 200 BHN; Work


  1. High-quality performance: B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes deliver exceptional performance when it comes to hard-facing applications. These electrodes are specifically designed to provide a high hardness and wear-resistant surface on various metal components.
  2. Versatile application: Whether you’re working with mining equipment, agricultural machinery, or industrial components, B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes are suitable for a wide range of hard-facing applications. They can effectively enhance the durability and longevity of critical parts subjected to abrasive wear.
  3. Excellent hardness and wear resistance: The unique composition of B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes ensures that the resulting welds possess high hardness and exceptional resistance to wear, impact, and abrasion. This makes them ideal for extending the service life of heavily used components.
  4. Easy to use: These electrodes offer ease of use, allowing welders of all skill levels to achieve consistent and reliable results. The smooth arc characteristics, low spatter, and good slag removal contribute to a hassle-free welding experience.
  5. Superior strength and toughness: B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes provide weld deposits with excellent strength and toughness properties. This ensures that the hard-faced surfaces can withstand harsh operating conditions and maintain their integrity under heavy loads.


  1. Mining equipment: B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes are widely used in the mining industry for hard-facing applications on components such as crusher hammers, excavator teeth, and conveyor screws. They provide excellent wear resistance, extending the lifespan of critical mining equipment.
  2. Agricultural machinery: Hardelec-Mn electrodes are employed in the agricultural sector to hard-face components like tillage tools, plowshares, and harrow tines. The wear-resistant properties of these electrodes help withstand the abrasive forces encountered during agricultural operations.
  3. Industrial machinery: Various industrial machinery components exposed to severe wear, such as mixer blades, shredder hammers, and fan blades, can benefit from the hard-facing capabilities of B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes. These electrodes enhance the durability and longevity of such parts, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  4. Construction equipment: Components in construction machinery, such as buckets, bulldozer blades, and wear plates, can be effectively hard-faced using B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes. The resulting welds provide increased resistance to abrasion, prolonging the life of these critical construction components.
  5. Manufacturing and repair: B&H Hardelec-Mn electrodes find applications in general manufacturing and repair work where wear resistance is crucial. They are utilized for hard-facing operations on gears, shafts, rolls, and other high-wear surfaces, enhancing their durability and preventing premature failure.

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