B&H Monel

A Low Hydrogen Type Graphite Based Electrode for Non Machinable Welds on Cast Iron.


Type Stainless Steel Electrodes
Size (mm) 2.50, 3.15, 4.00 & 5.00
Application Fabrication & Maintenance


Brand Name Codification
B&H Monel AWS A/SFA: E Ni-Cu B



Nickel Copper Alloy Electrode Depositing Monel Weldmetal for Welding of Cast Irons.


B&H Monel is a medium coated nickel-copper alloy electrode depositing a monel weldmetal for welding of cast iron. The arc is soft and stable with least spatter and the slag is easily detachable. The deposit gives hardness approximately 175 BHN. The deposits are machinable.


Ideal for repairing defects in foundry cast iron castings, joining, repairing, rebuilding and surfacing of cast iron parts and components. Weld metal for gears, machinery parts, pump bodies etc.

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