B&H 7018

A Heavy Coated Low Hydrogen, Iron Powder Type Electrode

Type Low Hydrogen Electrodes
Size (mm) 2.50, 3.15, 4.00 & 5.00
Application Fabrication & Maintenance


Brand Name Codification
B&H 7018 IS: EB 5426 H3 J X
AWS: E 7018



A Heavy Coated Low Hydrogen, Iron Powder Type Electrode


A heavy coated low hydrogen, iron powder type electrode which produces tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality. The electrode has a metal recovery of about 115%. Ease of operation in all positions, smooth and stable arc which is easy to strike and restrike, low spatter are some of its feature. The slag is easily detachable and bead is finely rippled


B&H-7018 is suitable for welding of Carbon steels in fabrication of machinery & equipment of wide range, especially for structures which are designed for severe service conditions involving heavy stresses and dynamic loads. Typical application include penstocks, boilers, pressure vessels, wagons, rotary kiln shells, heavy earth moving machinery etc

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